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2022 Book Review: recommendations from a pediatric occupational therapist

Book Reviews

This is a book I sought out for parenting advice for myself with my toddler. I found myself getting easily frustrated with some of her behaviors and often questioning the way I responded, reacted, and my attempts to correct that behavior. I found this book to be extremely insightful and practical. Raising Good Humans places a focus on how to regulate your response, how to become less reactive, and how to build cooperative relationships with your children. As an OT I have learned that in order to co-regulate with our children we must be regulated. I found myself often becoming dysregulated with certain situations and the mindfulness practices this book taught me resulted in smoother interactions during unpleasant behaviors. If you are looking for insight into managing difficult feelings, understanding your personal triggers, and ways to skillfully communicate with your children, this book is for you and I highly recommend it!

I am often looking for books to recommend to parents and this is one I have been recommending often along with its companion “Retro Baby.” The author is a pediatric occupational therapist and provides readers with various activities to do with your child to promote proper development. It is an easy-to-read format and allows the reader to

understand their child’s development from the lens of an occupational therapist. Both books offer fun, engaging, and simple activities that often only use household items which reduces the need for fancy toys and equipment. Great read for anyone who works with young children or is a parent/caregiver of a young child.

Interoception is a term used to describe the sensory system that allows us to understand what is happening inside our bodies. This sensory system lets us know when we have to use the bathroom, eat, drink water, know what emotions we are feeling, and so much more. This book is great for parents of kids who have sensory processing difficulties. It provides easy-to-read education on the neurological concept behind interoception along with activities and exercises for your child to improve their interoception skills. Providing kids with the knowledge of what is happening inside their body allows them to better understand emotions and how to regulate them.

I found this book to be incredibly helpful both as a pediatric therapist and as a parent. The book offers real-life examples to further explain the concepts offered and provides practical tips you can put to use immediately. The big concepts I took away from this book is to always connect with the child first, validate their emotions, and let them in on the process of problem solving solutions. There is also a section for children with various diagnoses and how some concepts differ or look the same for children with different abilities. I highly recommend this book for parents of children ages 2-8 years old.

Books for kids to read

This book is for children ages 2-7 and is a great support for emotional learning. It allows children to connect their physical sensations with their emotions. There are also cards in the back of the book to reinforce the concepts.

I used this book with a client this year and find the lessons/exercises to be extremely helpful and impactful. The lessons don’t take along and provide quick tips the child can start to implement that day. I find mindfulness techniques to be a hard concept for children to understand and be motivated to do but this book makes it easy and fun. Recommended for children ages 7-12

And Just for Fun: Personal Reading Favorites of 2022

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