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My Why: Journey to owning my business


If you are reading this then you have found my tiny place in this virtual world and I am deeply honored by that. You could be here because you want to learn more about occupational therapy. Or maybe you found me just by luck or searched my business by its name. Either way, Hi, it’s nice to “meet” you. Allow me to introduce myself.

I am Calli and at the time of me writing this I am a mom to a 3.5 year old and almost 1 year old. I love being a wife, mom, business owner, friend, daughter, sister, all those things that make me, me. That doesn’t go without saying we all go through our challenges. I found myself in a weird place in life about 3 years ago. At a crossroad I suppose. We left VA to move back “home” in Ohio. I left a job I loved and wasn’t finding anything that matched what I was looking for in a job. The day before I signed up for my business license was the day I decided to start my own private practice. I literally jumped right into it without much thought other than I wanted to make an impact in my community.

I knew there was a need for a home-based therapist. I knew there was a need for more education about what OT can offer a child and family. I knew NOTHING about business but was extremely motivated to find a way to serve families and children in a better way.

How I learned about OT

I discovered OT when I volunteered at a summer camp in college for children with muscular dystrophy. This camp was the highlight of their year because it was the one place where they could participate in a variety of activities without limitations. It was all accessible to them. An OT’s goal is to provide you with skills or adaptations to make you as independent as possible and participate in the tasks you WANT to do. So for a whole week they were in an environment that was completely accessible to them and allowed them to participate in a variety of leisure activities. As I learned more about OT I quickly fell in love with the profession, the mindset, the unique lens on the world, and so I began a somewhat winding journey to becoming an OT.

Owning a Private Practice

I chose to start my own business because I knew that I could serve families in a better way than a busy outpatient clinic. Many outpatient clinics often stuff a therapist’s schedule leaving little time to treatment plan, provide parent education, or time to decompress. I wanted a smaller caseload, I wanted to do research and prep for each session, I wanted to be in their natural environment, and I wanted to have autonomy over my schedule and how I serve my clients. I also love the creative side of running my own business. I think parent education when it comes to sensory, developmental progressions, and regulation is needed. So in 2024, I will be launching an online course to have greater reach and bigger impact on children and their families.

The Power of Purpose

I never thought I would own a business, go out on my own and against the grain but I am 100% positive this is where I am meant to be. That clear sense of purpose is a relief but also comes with the pressure of delivering. I will never claim to be a guru or absolute expert but I do know the knowledge I have is valuable and needs to be shared. OT’s unique perspective is what drew me to this career and I am passionate about sharing our knowledge with the world. I will always be learning and growing as I build this business. THANK YOU for making it to the end of why I love OT and why I am here!

Follow me on Instagram @confidentkidstherapy for ideas, inspiration, education, and lots of fun!

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